THC Skittles 400mg THC Sour


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THC Skittles 400mg THC Sour – Buy THC Edibles Online Canada

THC Skittles, Weed Skittles & Cannabis Skittles – Buy Edibles Online Canada

Truly taste the rainbow with these delicious treats! Buy from biggest varieties of THC Skittles, Weed Skittles, Cannabis Skittles & Shop Online. The Skittles you know and love with an added kick! Each pack comes with 20 pieces. Try all your favourite flavours! Note: This is a low THC product and perfect for micro-dosing throughout the day. This is not meant for a long-term high. These products are not infused with THC but instead use a technique to spray THC distillate directly onto the product resulting in approximately 400mg per pack.

Enjoy responsibly and keep out of children’s reach

Storage Instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place.

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Sour Apple, Sour Mango


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